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We get asked all the time about how we test our
products, this is the "Try to break it" Test . Enjoy!

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- Traxxas Stampede (electric)
- Traxxas Stampede (Nitro)
- Traxxas Rustler (Electric)
- Traxxas Rustler (Nitro)
- Traxxas Bandit
- Traxxas Slash
- Traxxas Slash 4X4
- Axial AX10
- Baja 5B/T


- Stainless Steel Screw Kits

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Go Green!

We really appreciate all of you posting pictures online of our parts. We noticed that
in all the pictures the hardware was rusted and we've even read about people
snapping fasteners that have rusted through. We decided to fix that. Every part we
offer now comes with stainless fasteners to make sure you have the best
performing and the best looking truck at the track. Best of all we aren't increasing
our prices...

Thats our way of saying thank you!

Racers Edge Machine
All Parts now come with Stainless Steel Fasteners.