• We use non-toxic coolants that only need to be
    changed annually that are non-petroleum based.

  • Everything we send you is 100% recyclable. The
    packaging, the plastic wrap, the screws, and even the
    parts themselves.

  • All aluminum scrap is recycled locally reducing the
    need to mine new aluminum from the environment.

  • All paper, plastic, and cardboard products are donated
    to our local school district which are sold to local
    recyclers benefiting our local schools and

  • Our manufacturing area is located below ground, this
    allows us to not HEAT or COOL our shop. This
    drastically reduces our energy consumption.

  • We do not use Natural Gas or other petroleum

  • We are 99% Paperless. Instead we store our files
    electronically instead of wasting paper.

  • All oils and lubricants are synthetic and not fossil fuel

  • All Carbide tools are sharpened until no longer usable
    and are then recycled.
Going Green isn't just a buzz word,
it's a way of life and doing business.
We at
Racer's Edge Machine are
doing what we can to make the least
possible impact on our environment.

Some of the ways we do this are:  
All Products proudly made in the U.S.A.

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