All Products proudly made in the U.S.A.
At Racer’s Edge Machine we make quality our first priority.  Since May
2008 we have quickly made a name for ourselves by delivering parts
that look great, fit correctly right out of the package with no
modifications, and are durable enough to survive your punishment.

All parts are Designed for Extreme Abuse, then comes the fun part of
the Extreme Testing.  During our testing we try to create the worst
punishment we can put these parts under.  Once the design is refined
to meet our Standards of Excellence, parts are produced on CNC
equipment capable of very high precision, to ensure every part is
made to our exacting Quality Standards.

At the first of 2009 we introduced our anodizing option to not only make
the parts stronger, but to also add a custom look to your build.  Along
with our standard colors, we offer custom colors for a fair price.
We also strive for perfection with our Customer Service, so please let
us know if you have any questions and we will answer as quickly as

Thank You
Racer’s Edge Machine
All parts are made from T6-6061 Extruded Aluminum, not cast or
lower grade 6061 materials used by our competition. This is how
our parts have such high survivability in the toughest conditions.
Racers Edge Machine has been in business since May 2008, Since
then we have had ONLY 4 parts returned under warranty. Now
that's a track record! (as of 11.9.09)

Why use T6-6061-511?

Click here for the difference in grades of 6061 and why we use T-6

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- Traxxas Stampede (electric)
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- Traxxas Rustler (Nitro)
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