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Basher Battery Hold-Downs

These Hold-Downs are virtually indestructible. They
protect your battery more than any other holder and
also serve as a mount for your ESC. These Hold-Downs
will accommodate a battery pack up to 1.800" wide, and
5.450" long. Included with the Hold-Downs are 25mm,
30mm, and 35mm length fasteners (also included in our
Stainless Steel Screw Kits) to accommodate most
battery thicknesses.

For thicker batteries all that is needed is a longer
fastener which is available at most home improvement
stores. You will need to ask for a M3 X .50 X the length
you need.

Weight 3 oz. (Total)

REM-1003 - $10
Light-Weight Hold-Downs

The Light-Weight Hold-Downs were designed to be
easier to remove due to only having two screws per
hold down and not having side protection. This allows
the Hold-Down to "swing out" allowing you to change
packs by removing only one screw. Also these
Hold-Downs will accommodate a MUCH larger packs
than the Basher Hold-Downs. New versions of our
chassis'  have extra holes which allow the use of the
second set of holes. Also with having multiple holes
this will allow you to position your battery slightly to
either side altering its balance, this could be used in
race situations to alter the handling characteristics of
your truck.

Weight 2 oz. (Total)

REM-1004 - $10
Battery Strap

These Straps are very strong and the lightest weight
solution. This would be ideal in an all out race situation
where every ounce counts. We have designed these
straps with a cinch loop allowing you to tighten them
down and insure that they wont come undone.

Weight: Less than .1oz

REM-1005 - $5

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